Hunter Seidle - PPCR

Congratulations to Hunter Seidle on passing his Private Pilot checkride on Saturday, April 20th! Hunter showed some amazing skill and determination throughout his training! He worked hard to achieve this goal and excited to push forward towards his next. We are extremely proud to see him move forward!


Benjamin Turcola - PPCR

Congratulations to Benjamin Turcola on passing his Private Pilot checkride on Saturday, February 10th! Benjamin has shown outstanding talent and dedication to achieving this certificate. He is on his way to becomig a great pilot and achieving his goals, we are blessed and proud to be apart of his journey. 


Kristen - Solo

Congratulations to Kristen Willett on her first solo flight at Greensboro airport on Friday, December 22nd! Kristen's strong will and determination have helped her to achieve her first solo flight! She is barrreling ahead and ready for the next big step, we can't wait to see her soar through the rest of her training!


Madison Albin - Solo

Congratulations to Madison Albin on her first solo flight at Shiloh airport on Saturday, December 9th! Madison's determination and dedication has proven that she has what it takes to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. We have been honored to see her grow into an amazing pilot and can't wait to see move forward!


Lili Hayes - Solo

Congratulations to Lili Hayes on her first solo flight at Shiloh airport on Thursday, September 28th! Lili has shown great passion for flying and has been working very diligently towards her first solo flight! She wouldn't let anything get in her way, not even turbulence. We are proud to see her continue to grow into a full blown pilot.


Savannah Wade - Solo

Congratulations to Savannah Wade on her first solo flight at Greeensboro airport on Saturday, May 20th! Savannah's outstanding determination and drive has proven she has what it take to become an amazing pilot. She is eager to take on the next big challenge and fly the friendly skies!


Jack Priddy - PPCR

Congratulations to Jack Priddy on passing his Private Pilot checkride at Shiloh airport on Saturday, June 3rd! Jack has been an outstanding student and become an amazing pilot! His hard work and diligence helped him pass his final exam the first time. We at Bethany Aviation are extreamly proud of the pilot he has become and can't waith to see what comes next for Jack!


Benjamin Trucola - Solo

Congratulations to Benjamin Trucola on completing his first solo flight on Friday, June 2nd! Benjamin has worked hard and put forth his best skills to achieve this goal. His determination has been admirable and we can't wait to see him up ther fly by him self again!


Mat Kircher - Solo

Congratulations to Matt Kircher on completing his first solo flight at Shiloh airport on Tuesday, March 21st! Matt has shown outstanding determination and mindset in achieving his first solo! Matt wasn't going to let bad weather stop his training, he has toughed out some rough winds to get to where he is now. He his just getting started and we can't wait to see him pushing forwards to his checkride.