Seth Baker - IFR CR

Congratulations to Seth Baker for passing his first Insturment Pilot checkride on Tuesday, May the 25th! He passed his checkride with high marks and ease! Seth studied hard and puts forth his absolute best for the things he is passionate about. His training has been flying by since he started with us working on his private license. We are very excited to watch how fast Seth moves through his commercial rating!



David Smith - Solo

Congratulations to David Smith for accomplishing his first solo flight on Wednesday, April the 28th! David's was able to complete his solo on a beautiful spring day! He couldn't have been blessed with better weather. Davids skill and determination helped get him to where he is now, moving quickly on to big and better achievements. We are excited to see David grow and soar through his training!



David Clifton - solo

Congratulations to David Clifton for accomplishing his first solo flight on Saturday, April the 17th! David's first solo couldn't have come at a better time. David is planning on going into the Navy in just a few weeks and wanted to get a head start on his training. He has worked hard and dedicated the time to achieve his goal before he joined up. David's background and determination helped to get him through his first solo flight and will continue to push him on to the next goal!

Jeff Williams - Solo

Congratulations to Jeff Williams for accomplishing his first solo flight on Sunday, April the 4th! Jeff's first solo will always be special to him and being on easter sunday, hard to forget! He has worked hard and relentlessly to achiveve this victory and join the 1% of pilots around the world. His drive is strong and he is ready to push on to the next chapter of his flying journey. We are very excited to watch Jeff grow into an amazing pilot and join us in the friendly skies!



Will Jones - PPC

Congratulations to Will Jones for passing his Private Pilot checkride on Monday, March the 8th! We at Bethany Aviation are very proud to see Will pass his checkride the first time with flying colors! Will has shown excellent strength and determination in his training and preperation for his final exams. We are very excited to watch him grow as a pilot and soar into his career as a commercial pilot.



Jodi Goforth - Solo

Congratulations to Jodi Goforth for completing her first solo on Friday, February the 19th! When she came to us we could instantly tell she had the passion and drive for aviation. That strength helped her through the training she needed to get past that first big hurdle of solo flight! Jodi is ready to stretch her legs and start flying higher and further by herself than ever before. We are at Bethany Aviation are excited to help her achieve her dream and watch her become an amazing pilot.



AJ King - Solo

Congratulations to AJ King for completing his first solo on Wednesday, February the 10th! AJ's first solo flight will be very memorable for him because he was able to solo on his 16th birthday! Being able to fly an airplane by yourself the day you turn 16 will give him a story to tell all his life. AJ is ready for the next big thing and ready to get back in the saddle. We are blessed to watch him grow into an amazing pilot and fly through his training!



Jasper - SOLO

Congratulations to Jasper Little for completing his first solo on Friday, December the 11th! Jasper's previous experience with large machinery has assisted in his ability to learn how to fly. He is moving through his training fast and is ready to move on to the next part of his training!



Cody Furguson - Solo

Congratulations to Cody Furguson for completing his first solo on Thursday, December the 10th! Cody has shown great promise and potential in his flying abilities. He is excelling fast and making great progress. We at Bethany Aviation are excited to see him grow.