Jasper - SOLO

Congratulations to Jasper Little for completing his first solo on Friday, December the 11th! Jasper's previous experience with large machinery has assisted in his ability to learn how to fly. He is moving through his training fast and is ready to move on to the next part of his training!



Cody Furguson - Solo

Congratulations to Cody Furguson for completing his first solo on Thursday, December the 10th! Cody has shown great promise and potential in his flying abilities. He is excelling fast and making great progress. We at Bethany Aviation are excited to see him grow. 



Seth Baker - PPC

Congratulations to Seth Baker for passing his private pilot checkride on Friday, December the 4th! Seth started his training when he was 16 and set a goal to get his private pilots certificate right when he turned 17. Passing his checkride with flying colors, Seth achieved his goal! We at Bethany Aviation are excited to see him continue to soar through his next goal.



Jack Jenkins - Multi checkride

Congratulations to Jack Jenkins for completing his Multi-engine instrument commercial checkride on Tuesday, November the 3rd! Jack finished his Instructors checkride earlier this year, but wasn't ready to stop there! Jack pushed on and diligently worked hard at achieving his goal of being a multi-engine pilot. He is moving fast and working hard to achieve all his career goals! 


Will Jones - Solo

Congratulations to Will Jones for completing his first solo flight on Thursday, October the 22nd! Will is a bright young student that has shown some amazing skill and determination. He is moving at an incredible speed and shown us just how much he wants to become a pilot! His passion for flying and motivation will take him far in his career. We are excited to watch him blossom into a great pilot.



Austin Burris - SOLO

Congratulations to Austin Burris for completing his first solo flight on Friday, October the 9th! Austin is showing great potential and is moving like wildfire! After just five lessons he was able to solo at Shiloh Airport. Austin is well on his way to becoming a great pilot and will be pursuing his commercial pilots license. We at Bethany Aviation are excited to watch him grow!



Jim Leggett - IFR Checkride

Congratulations to Jim Leggett for passing his Instrument checkride on Sunday, October the 4th! Jim was able to balancing work and family to achive his goal of being IFR certified. His passion for aviation has been strong since he first started his flight training with us years ago. We are excited for Jim to now be able to fly through almost any weather to get where he needs to go.



Hayden Dykes - SOLO

Congratulations to Hayden Dykes for completing his first Solo flight at Shilioh Airport on Sunday the 4th! Hayden has big goals for his aviation career and will be going all the way to commercial! His determination and passion help him sore through his training and become a great pilot! We at Bethany Aviation can't wait to see him grow.   



Max Campbell - SOLO

Congratulations to Max Campbell for completing his first Solo flight at Shilioh Airport on Tuesday the 22nd! Max has shown extrodinary capabilites and skill at flying. He has worked hard and diligently to complete his solo and can't wait for his next! Max has a great passion for aviation and is working hard to make it his carrer goals. We are excited to see him move forward in avaiation.