Mat Kircher - Solo

Congratulations to Matt Kircher on completing his first solo flight at Shiloh airport on Tuesday, March 21st! Matt has shown outstanding determination and mindset in achieving his first solo! Matt wasn't going to let bad weather stop his training, he has toughed out some rough winds to get to where he is now. He his just getting started and we can't wait to see him pushing forwards to his checkride.


Mia Belton - PPCR

Congratulations to Mia Belton on passing her Private Pilot check ride on Thursday, March 16th! Mia has been an amazing student and fantastic pilot! She has shown outstanding determination in pursuing her goal of becoming a pilot! With this being the first step in her long term goals, we are excited to see her reach her next rating and step in life!


Shane Somers - PPCR

Congratulations to Shane Somers on passing his Private Pilot check ride on Saturday, January 28th! Shane has show how strong his passion for aviation is and flew through his training! His drive helped him achieve the first step towards his goals. We have been honored to have watched him grow into an amazing pilot, we are extreamly excited to watch him persue his instrument rating next!


Chris Loye - Solo

Congratulations to Chris Loye for completing his first solo flight on Tuesday the 27th! Chris has put forth great effort and skill to achieving this goal, we have been honored to watch him grow and become a great pilot. We are excited to see him chase his dreams and become a certified pilot!


Jacob Vaden - PPCR

Congratulations to Jacob Vaden for passing his Private Pilot checkride on Thursday the 11th! Jacob, pictured with his biggest supporter, his mom. His hard work and determination drove him to one of his largest goals. We are excited to see him follow his dreams and become a certified pilot!


Jasper Little Instrument Checkride

Congratulations to to Jasper Little on passing his Instrument checkride on Tuesday, May 31st!! Jasper flew through his requirements and showed outstanding talent with his training. Jaspers strong focus and skill allowed him to pass his checkride with ease. Now Jasper is well on his way into commerical training and we can't wait to see how quickly he can get through this one!



Jess Arellano - Solo

Congratulations to Jess Arellano for completing her first Solo flight at Greensboro Airport on Saturday the 6th! Jess has shown outstanding dedication and comitment to accomplishing her first solo. Jess has a great passion for aviation and is working hard to make her goals a reality. We are excited to watch her excel in aviation!


Jacob Vaden Solo

Congratulations to Jacob Vaden for completing his first Solo flight at Greensboro Airport on Monday, May the 30th! Jacob was determinded to get to his first solo and wasn't going to let anything stop him! We at Bethany Aviation were impressed by his skill and drive at learning how to fly. We are blessed to watch and help him move forward in his aviation career. 



Shane Somers

Congratulations to Shane Somers for completing his first Solo flight at Shilioh Airport on Wednesday the 13th! Shane has shown extrodinary capabilites and skill at flying. He has worked hard and diligently to complete his solo and can't wait for his next! We are excited to watch Shane achieve his goals.