Abdul Aslam - PPCR

Congratulations to Abdul Aslam on passing his Private Pilot checkride on Thursday, October 17th!!

Abdul has shown outstanding skill and focus when pursuing his goal and career as a pilot. He will soon go on to continue his training and we can't wait to see how fast he gets to his life goal!



Chris Lemmons - PPCR

Congratulations to Chris Lemmons on passing his Private Pilot checkride on Monday, September 23rd!!

Chris's dedication and will has allowed him to overcome any obstacle and achieve his goal of be coming a private pilot! His military background helped give him an edge and focus on passing his checkride with flying colors.



Kelly Joyce - PPCR

Congratulations to Kelly Joyce on passing his Private Pilot  checkride on Monday, September 23rd!!

Kelly's drive and determination helped him pass his Private Pilot checkride the first time! He has shown great skill and passion that we at Bethany Aviation admire. We cant wait to see what Kelly has planned next!



Will Lewis - Solo

Congratulations to Will Lewis on completing his firt solo at Shiloh airport! Will had some beautiful flying weather to do his first solo and couldn't have been happier. He has worked hard balancing his school life at NC State and flying on the weekends. Before we know it this bright student will be getting his private certificate and soring the skies. 



Kelly Joyce - Solo

Congratulations to Kelly Joyce on his first solo at KGSO! His first solo may have been a bit wet, but that never slowed him down. Kelly's journey is just begining and we can't wait to see whats next for him!



Chris Lemmon - Solo

Congratulations to Chris Lemmon on his first solo at KGSO! His skill and determination will drive him forwards in his training. We at Bethany aviation are excited to see him grow.



Chirs - Private Checkride

Congratulations to Chirs Virgilio on passing his Private Pilot  checkride on Friday February 8th!!

Chirs is a local air traffic controler at Greensboro airport and we have really enjoyed watching him grow and put his talents to work. He has been vigilant in his training and all his hard work has finally payed off. Again, congratulations to Chris Virgilio on passing his private pilot check ride and joining the one percent!



Donald - Solo

Congratulations to Donald Washburn on his first solo flight at Shiloh airport on Monday February 4th!!

Donalds hard work and determination has paid off! He has show excellent effort and skill to achieve his first solo. We are blessed and excited to see him continue to grow here at Bethany Aviation. 



Shellie - Instrument Checkride

Congratulations to Shellie Poston on passing her Instrument checkride on Saturday December 29th!!

Shellie has rocketed through her requirements and shown outstanding talent with her training. Her outstanding focus and skill has allowed her to pass her checkride the first time! Shellie has grown so much with us over the past few years and we are excited to see what she will do next.