Chris Virgilo - Solo

Congratulations to Chirs Virgilo and his accomplishment on Monday! With a hurricane hot on his trail, Chirs has pushed hard and strong to complete his first solo at Greensboro! Chirs has shown outstanding skills and decision making during his training! We at Bethany Aviation can't wait to see him grow!



Abdul Aslam - Solo

Its been a hot summer, but even more so for Bethany Aviation students!

Congratulations to Abdul Aslam on accomplishing his first solo at Shiloh airport on Monday the 16th, 2018. Abdul has worked hard for this moment and can't wait to push on to achieve his goal of becoming a commercial pilot! Before you know it he will be flying you to your next destination. 



Dickson Tam - Commercial

Despite the constant bad weather, Bethany Aviaiton students prevail and push on toward their dreams! 

On Sunday August 12, Dickson Tam passed his Commercial check ride with flying colors!! He has worked hard balancing his flying and being a student at NC State University. Dickson Tam has shown extraordinary skills and focus, we at Bethany Aviation can't wait to see whats next for him!



Jessee Hill - Private Pilot

Jesse Hill

Not even the cold of winter can stop big news from Bethany Aviation!

Jessee Hill, passed his private pilot checkride on January 14, 2018!  He's pictured on the left with everyone's favorite flight examiner, Zenda Liess. 

Congratulations Jessee!  


Nick Lafemina - Solo

Congratulations to Nick Lafemina on his first solo flight on

Saturday March 31st at PTI airport! This is a big first step                                       

to reaching his Private Pilot Certificate.                                                                                                                      



Jim Leggett - Solo

Congratulations to Jim Leggett on completing his first

solo flight today at Greensboro airport! Before you know

it, Jim will be going for his checkride and on his way to

completing his private pilot certificate.                                                         



Matt Trice - Certified Flight Instructor

Matt "Big Phil" Trice - CFI

It seems like it was just yesterday we were talking-up our own Matt "Big Phil" Trice and the way he'd passed his private pilot check ride.  Then it was Matt "Big Phil" Trice and his IFR rating.  Next came Matt's commercial ticket.  As if he hadn't pushed bar high enough already, we're talking about him AGAIN!

On Wednesday, September 14th, Matt Trice successfully completed his CFI check ride.  Shown to the left is a picture of Matt wearing his favorite power-tie, along with FAA Inspector Tim Hann.  This picture was taken right after the big test.

Congratulations Matt!  

Faith Wilhoit - Solo

Spring has arrived and the rain won't stop Bethany Aviation students from flying and pushing ahead with their training! 

On Sunday, May 20th, Faith Wilhoit completed her first solo flight out of Greensboro airport. She showed excellent skills handling our Piper Cherokee N91W, nothing can stop her now!! 



Piper vs. Piper

Jesse after SOlo

As we keep saying, things at Bethany Aviation are just jumping!  That means we have even more great news to tell you about!

On Tuesday, Jesse Piper successfully performed his first solo flight and demonstrated his masterful handling of our Piper Cherokee - N91W!  

Great work Jesse!