"I love taking flying lessons here at Bethany Aviation.  Everyone here is friendly and professional, and they keep it fun.  Its never too late to live your dream. I just started living my dream by taking flying lessons as I turned 80 years old.  I would highly recommend Bethany Aviation to anyone who wants to take lessons or just take a friendly flight. I checked around and in my book they are the best flight school around."
— Jack Hill (Retired)
"I just started taking flying lessons at Bethany Aviation and love it! It started with a Discovery flight and once I saw how easy and fun it was to fly, I decided to sign up for lessons. At first I thought I may be too young but then I found out there is no minimum age to start taking lessons. I am only 13 years old and am looking forward to pursing a future in aviation."
— Yogeshwar Sookdeo (Student)
"I have been taking flying lessons for a few weeks now and it has been a very enjoyable experience.  My goal is to get my private pilots license so that I can take my wife and kids for airplane rides.  I also have a place on the beach and look forward to flying my family there on the weekends.  One hour and twenty minutes plane ride verse a four to five hour drive seems like a real good deal.  I love flying the Piper airplanes that this school has, they seem so easy to fly.  The staff is friendly and professional.  They also are very reasonable on their rates and won’t take advantage of you.  I would recommend them to anyone."
— Luke Wilson (Business Owner)
"Thanks for being a great flight instructor.  I appreciate your openness and calm demeanor as well as your willingness to let me learn from my successes and mistakes."
— Dr. Chris Haynes

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