Shellie - Instrument Checkride

Congratulations to Shellie Poston on passing her Instrument checkride on Saturday December 29th!!

Shellie has rocketed through her requirements and shown outstanding talent with her training. Her outstanding focus and skill has allowed her to pass her checkride the first time! Shellie has grown so much with us over the past few years and we are excited to see what she will do next. 



Faith - Private Checkride

Congratulations to Faith Wilhoit on passing her Private Pilot checkride on Friday November 16th!

It feels just like yesterday that Faith started her training with us here at Bethany Aviation. She has shown extraordinary talent and dexterity by balancing her flight triaing as well as her school work. We at Bethany Aviation are excited to see whats next for her!



Chris Virgilo - Solo

Congratulations to Chirs Virgilo and his accomplishment on Monday! With a hurricane hot on his trail, Chirs has pushed hard and strong to complete his first solo at Greensboro! Chirs has shown outstanding skills and decision making during his training! We at Bethany Aviation can't wait to see him grow!



Dickson Tam - Commercial

Despite the constant bad weather, Bethany Aviaiton students prevail and push on toward their dreams! 

On Sunday August 12, Dickson Tam passed his Commercial check ride with flying colors!! He has worked hard balancing his flying and being a student at NC State University. Dickson Tam has shown extraordinary skills and focus, we at Bethany Aviation can't wait to see whats next for him!



Gift Certificates

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